Hey, I'm Liam

White Gravity

Branding for a Final Fantasy XIV Free Company

I’ve spent many an hour immersed in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, so when my Free Company (think ‘guild’) wanted to get a logo made up, I jumped at the chance.

My aim with the logo was to make use of mixed fonts. Ideally a serif and sans-serif, but in places using mixed weights. The word ‘gravity’ had to feel heavier, given the definition of it, and thus that tended to use the bigger font weight, or alternatively a slab serif.

To incorporate the fantasty aspect of the game, I made use of Eorzean-type fonts, based on the game’s primary written language, and expertly recreated by dachoutom.

Logo concepts and explorations.

The final design was chosen by user vote on the group’s private forums, and from there made available to be implemented into member Twitch streams.

The logo in use on a Twitch stream.

More work