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The Open

Bringing the world's oldest golf tournament to the responsive web.

As the 143rd Open tournament drew to a close, production began on rejuvenating the the tournament website for the modern, responsive web. The goal for this new site was to provide live data for the ongoing tournament, whilst also celebrating the heritage of the world’s oldest golf tournament.

The focus on a mobile first, responsive site was to provide fans with a way to keep up to date with the tournament—and their favourite players progress—from anywhere. If a fan was watching live at one hole for example, they could use the site to see how another player was progressing further around the course.

Full customisable tables to display necessary data to fans

My primary roles in the development process were working on front end page templates, and producing UI elements for the front end toolkit. The site was built on a Bootstrap framework, with reusable content modules.

Interactive modules provide year round content celebrating the competition's heritage and legacy
A page for every player, complete with stats and previous results

While aiming to increase fan engagement over the year with a wide variety of content, tournament weeks saw the website’s biggest increase in traffic, and it would often join the shortlist of top 10 websites in the world.

The website won a Bronze for Best Sports Website at The Lovie Awards 2016.

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