Hello! I'm Liam, a London-based UX Designer and Web Developer, and aspiring UI Artist.

With a love of drawing from a young age, and an early introduction to coding via a home-grown, after school science club, I pursued those interests into university. My course spanned flash animation, web design, and video editing, giving me plenty of opportunity to experiment and build a skill set.

Focusing on web development, my first foray into the industry allowed me to create work a variety of clients, including Corona, The Open, Wagamama, Honda, and Stella Artois.

You can see the highlights of my personal and professional work gathered together on my work page, so feel to free to have a browse.

The real mugshot. Hi there!


A little insight into what I'm geeking on lately.

  • Watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Playing Persona5
  • Reading Momentary: The Art of Ilya Kuvshinov