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Git on with it

I made the jump to GitHub!

Site —

I’ve been sat on the idea for a while now, but finally decided to go through with it. I’ve moved the site over to GitHub Pages!

Naturally this has come with a little redesign. Because I couldn’t go a full year without forcing myself to do so. I’ve also made a full migration to Jekyll, so no more Gulp to build all the site before assembly. Overall, much easier for me to update the site now and—no promises here—more content, much quicker!

My old build process was something of a nightmare. Run build, check for errors, then providing all was ok, drag and drop the entire build repository into Filezilla. Not particularly pleasant. The Jekyll advantage allows me to just push files up now, so no more messing around (and subsequently getting annoyed when my mouse falters and drops all the files into Pictures or something).

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter. Now as much as I’d like to catch ‘em all, it’s not always possible. If you do spot any bugs at all then please do open an issue in the Issue Tracker, and I can get on with fixing them easier!

Now that my brain is settled on the current design, please enjoy. And hopefully there won’t be a new design in a few months time! …No promises.